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I have created two Streams in PyroCMS. I would like to display this data via a URL (obviously) without having it associated to a Page in the CMS (which the Client is able to edit).

Is there any way to do this via the system/cms/config/routes.php or does this need to be a stand-alone module or widget to achieve this?

I am new to PyroCMS so could be way off here. Thanks!

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If you would like to output data from a URL then it needs to be a page, or a module controller.

A module controller would be tricky, so make it into a page and just don't let your client edit pages using permissions.

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Well perhaps a module is just the thing you need.. If I understand you correctly you want to just have an empty page without layout and some results generated via a module, widget, plugin etc.. I recommend to just create a module and set layout to falls in its method.:

if (!defined('BASEPATH'))
  exit('No direct script access allowed');

class StreamDisplay extends Public_Controller {

  public function index() {

    echo 'Some awesome streamdata from Pyro streams';
    //Or load a view just to be clean:

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