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Today I update the ArchLinux use pacman -Syu, but it reported some error. I didn't pay attention. Then I rebooted the machine and now it reports a kernel panic.

I found the news

But it didn't tell that the kernel could panic. I cannot even login to the system.

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  1. Boot the live media
  2. Mount root partition to /mnt
  3. check /mnt/var/log/pacman.log
  4. Handle all .pacnews's listed (should find most/all in /etc/ or in your case /mnt/etc/)
  5. Make sure your mkinitcpio.conf has the latest hooks in it.
  6. Check archlinux.org's or subscribe to the mailing lists for update instructions if manual intervention is needed.

Without any logs or anymore information that's about as much information and/or help as we'll be able to give you. Arch Linux is a rolling release and a distribution that requires the user to think more than most. If you can not update it often (I run pacman -Syu everyday) then you should consider running another distribution.

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  1. Boot into a Live USB/CD.
  2. Mount your Arch partition to /mnt.
  3. If you have a newer Live USB/CD, chroot into it using arch-chroot /mnt. If not, follow the instructions in the Change Root article.
  4. Run sudo pacman -Syu and carefully note what goes wrong (if anything). You might have to run dhcpcd to get your internet connection to work.
  5. Exit out, unmount your partitions, etc. and it should work.
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Oh, thx for your help. I rescued my OS right now. –  jasonz Jan 28 '13 at 11:26
You may check it out at codecube.tk/?p=580:) –  jasonz Jan 28 '13 at 11:50

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