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In my project i created a Helper to display a-tags, but with an additonal check, if the user has ACL rights. When he has access to the url, i want to create the Url with the existing UrlHelper - but i can't instantiate it:

// try 1
$pluginHelper = \Zend\Mvc\Service\ViewHelperManagerFactory::createService($this->getServiceLocator());
$this->_urlHelper = $pluginHelper->get('url');

// try 2
$factory = new \Zend\Mvc\Service\RouterFactory();
$router = $this->_urlHelper = $factory->createService($this->getServiceLocator());

// try 3
$module = new \RDGOnline\Module();
$config = $module->getConfig();
$router = \Zend\Mvc\Router\Http\TreeRouteStack::factory($config['router']);

$this->_urlHelper = new Url();

I attempted different ways, but all failed. In my last try the url was created - but it ignores the subfolder. I.E. /trunk/

Thanks for Helping.

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If you're doing this inside a view helper, you can access view helpers (plugins) through the injected view's plugin method

public function someViewHelperMethod()
    $urlHelper = $this->view->plugin('url');
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Awesome. Thank you. –  KFO Jan 28 '13 at 13:17

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