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I'm new to stackoverflow.com and this is my first post so:

I want to have a h1-text with underline. This underline will be an image and it should have a fixed width of 420px. The text in h1 will often be wider than the 420px, but sometimes shorter. Now I know that these are the solutions to get the underline as an image, but how do I set the fixed width for the underline only?

h1 {
background-position: 0px bottom;
background-repeat: repeat-x;
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Create the background image with the width of 420px.

Then use the following css

h1 {
  background:url('images/hrBg.jpg') no-repeat left bottom;

This will ensure that the background is shown only once to with of 420px. I have added the min-width property in case the content of h1 is smaller than 420px. The no-repeat property ensures that the background is shown only once as we have set the length via the actual image.

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Works like charm, thank you very much :) –  djkaapula Jan 28 '13 at 11:52

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