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I am working on enterprise application that has custom login module for jboss implemented. It has form based security login where user provides username and password. In login module credetials are checked against database and some addition checks are done. Now I want to enable user to login via a one time token ( some hash string for example: EF223222131) that I want to send him via email as URL: applicationServer:8080/myApplication/login2.jsp?hash=EF223222131 . On the page login2.jsp I have the same form for form based authentication, and i leave username and password blank, and add field hash. All fields are hidden and javascript fires form submit on page load. In login module i have managed to get hash

HttpServletRequest httpRequest =

String hashV = httpRequest.getParameter("hashValue");

Then I get user from databse set identity and role and loginOk = true; and commitOk = true; in respective methods. But in my web application username stays empty. httpRequest.getUserPrincipal().getName() returns empty string. Also if I invoke EJB I get empty string from sessionContext.getCallerPrincipal().getName().

Is there a way to set those values from Login module? Or is there an alternative approach for login via token in URL?

I am using jboss 4.0.3SP1 and java 1.4.2, but I think it should be the same as in the newer configurations.

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The problem was in Subject object of the Login Module. In the commit() method, there was a code defining subject object:

if(!subject.getPrincipals().contains(identity)) {
Group g = new SimpleGroup("Roles");
g.addMember(new SimplePrincipal((String) options.get("defaultRole")));

When in addition I have added: Group callerPrincipal = new SimpleGroup("CallerPrincipal"); callerPrincipal.addMember(identity); subject.getPrincipals().add(callerPrincipal); New username become available in session (from httpRequest.getUserPrincipal().getName() in servlets and from sessionContext.getCallerPrincipal().getName() in EJBs)

I have found solution from the link: Jboss community

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