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Hi have this code and I don't know how to put the output result with every pixel.I think the output code are not well defined.


I'm going to try to explain the code:

% I have an image

    imagen2= double(imagen1);
    band1= imagen2(:,:,1);

% I preallocate the result (the image size is 64*89*6)
    yvan2= zeros(61,89,1);

% For every pixel of the image, I want to get one result (each one is different).
    for i = 1 : nfiles
        for j = 1 : nrows
            for i = 1:numel(band1)

% I'm doing this because I've to multiply the results of this interpolation with that result a2ldb1y= ldcm_1(:,1). This vector has a length of 2151x1 and I need to muliply the result of the interpolation for (101:267) position on the vector, this is the reason because I'm doing the interpolation since 101 to 267 (also because I don't have that values).

            interplan= interp1(van1,man2,t2,'spline');
             ma(96) = banda1a(i); % I said 96, because I want to do an interpollation 
            van1= [101 96 266]';
            mos1= ma(134);
            van2= [0 pos1 0];

            t= 101:267;
            t2= t';
            xi= 101:1:267;
            interplan= interp1(van1,van2,t2,'spline');

% After this, I 'prepare' the vector.

            out(101:267) = interplan;

% And then, I do all this operation (are important for the result) 

            a2ldb1y= ldcm_1(:,1); 
            a2ldsum_pesos1= sum(a2ldb1y);
            a2l7dout1_a= a2ldb1y.*out;
            a2l7dout1_b=  a2l7dout1_a./a2ldsum_pesos1;
            a2l7dout1_c= sum(a2l7dout1_b);

% And the result a2l7dout1_c I want it for every pixel (the results are different because every pixel has a different value...)
           **yvan2(:,:,1)= [a2l7dout1_c];**


Thanks in advance,

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I think your question is not well defined. What do you mean by "put the output result with every pixel"? And why do you have two loops using the same iteration variable i??? –  Eitan T Jan 28 '13 at 11:37
Because it's an image and I want to do this operation for all the pixels and the result of the interp1 and the next operations will be write as a output. a2l7dout1_c => This result is diferent for every pixel. I don't know if I'm explaining well... –  user1578688 Jan 28 '13 at 11:40
So a2l7dout1_c is supposed to be a scalar? And what's the point of this line ma(134) = banda1a(i)? Why put it inside a loop? –  Eitan T Jan 28 '13 at 12:00
Yes! ma(134) This it's because I need that value from the vector for the interpolation. –  user1578688 Jan 28 '13 at 12:11
Please explain what this code is supposed to do. It is not at all clear. It is very difficult to follow. –  Dan Jan 28 '13 at 12:18

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I'm shooting in the dark here, but I think you're looking for:

yvan2(i, j, 1)= a2l7dout1_c;

instead of:

yvan2(:,:,1)= [a2l7dout1_c];

and thus your output should be stored in the variable yvan2 after the loops are done.


Some issues in your code:

  1. Why do you have two loops using the same iteration variable i? Your calculations are probably incorrect since i is being modified by two for loops.

  2. Why do you even need the second loop? Each iteration overruns the value of ma(134) set by the previous iteration. You can just replace the entire loop with:

    ma(134) = banda1a(numel(band1))
  3. You shouldn't be using the names i and j for loop variables. They are already reserved for the imaginary unit (that is, sqrt(-1)), so MATLAB needs extra processing time for name resolution. You'd rather use other loop variable names instead, even ii and jj.

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Thanks EitanT! ;) I'm trying it. I'm also going to change the code, I know it's hard to understand! Thanks for your advices! –  user1578688 Jan 28 '13 at 12:51
Thanks EitanT, it works!! ;) –  user1578688 Jan 31 '13 at 11:08

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