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I have the following function that accepts string list list and a string. It returns a string list.

 fun  get_substitutions1 ((x::xs)::ys, s) = 
 all_except_option((x::xs),s) @ get_substitutions1(ys,s) ;

The issue that I face is that all_except_option returns OPTION and so I get an error when I try to concatenate it. My question is how can I extract LIST from OPTION.

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You have basically two options. If you know that it (for sure) always returns SOME lst, then you could use the valOf function which takes an 'a option and returns an 'a value

- val a = SOME [1,2,3,3];
val a = SOME [1,2,3,3] : int list option
- val b = valOf a;
val b = [1,2,3,3] : int list

Your other option is to unpack it using pattern matching

case x of
  SOME lst => lst
| NONE => ...
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