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I have an application in facebook. And I want to add the ability for installing this app on the user's personal timeline. What is to be done in the application?

I tried to found any answer in the documentation (for example ). I found a way to install an app to the fan page only. But I need the ability to install app to the user's personal profile.

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"Tabs" (in the way you can build them for pages) are not supported on user-profiles since more than 2 years!

The only way to have an application-tile on a users profile (like shown on the screenshot below) is by publishing Open Graph-actions through the app.

enter image description here

However, these are not "Tabs" in the sense that you have an iframe which you can build to your needs. They simply display the Open Grap-aggregations defined in the app-dashboard:

enter image description here

Also, these Timeline-aggregations seem to be quite buggy since quite a while, so I wouldn't recommend relying to much on them:

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