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In my WinJS application, I use a flipview, with a Listview inside it.

The listview as a long content, so it is scrollable : the scrollbar is visible, I can scroll with the finger on a touch screen, but the mouse wheel doesn't work.

After looking at the flipview source code, I added the win-interactive class on my listview, and now I can use the mouse wheel to scroll, but the problem is that the scroll also applies to the flipview container : the mouse scroll directly between the different flipview items.

Is there a way to enable the scroll on the listview, without modifying the flipview behavior ?

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Yes there is, you can subscribe to the mousewheel event being fired in your ListView and stopPropagation() from there to the FlipView.

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Doesn't seem to work : the stopPropagation() does'nt stop anything. (and the preventDefault() completely stops the scroll in the listview) – glacasa Jan 29 '13 at 17:13

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