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The Situation

I often see Node.js applications with the following structure:

Common pattern:

  • lib/ or src/ - the self-written code
    • index.js - main code
    • internal modules... (e.g. self-written for this project)
  • node_modules
    • external modules... (e.g. taken from another project)
  • package.json

My Problem

What I don't like about this pattern:

  • I don't feel comfortable about it because you have to explicitly specify the directory path of the internal modules when require()ing:

    // /lib/index.js
    var internalMod = require('./internal'); // `require('internal')` (without path) wouldn't work

My Idea

So I think it would be a good idea also to place internal modules in an node_modules folder (somewhere in the project). So node would be able to find them, even if you don't explicitly specify the path.

For example:

  • src/ - the self-written code
    • index.js - main code
    • node-modules - for internals
      • internal modules...
  • node_modules - for externals
    • external modules... (e.g. taken from another project)
  • package.json

My Question

  1. Are there any cons about my plan?
  2. Is there another idea where to place internal modules in folder structure?

Thanks for your answer (or comment). - If anything is unclear, please comment.

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What's the motivation behind having internal modules? Why not just make them external? With external modules this problem goes away and you get to re-use the module in other projects. – Richard Marr Jan 28 '13 at 13:05
Thanks for your comment - Concerning your question: It's not possible to reuse any module. Some modules are really tight to the "parent module" with nothing then dependencies in order to solve a very specific problem (maybe by using more abstract, external modules). – fdj815 Jan 28 '13 at 13:17

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Perhaps you could use npm link to pull your modules into node_modules? See:

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