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Am using NuSoap Webservice. My webservice endpointType is wsdl. The problem is am not able to connect and update the status.

This is my URL http://abc.testsite.com/LMSCallbackService/LMSExternalOrientationService.svc

Dynamically generated WSDL file Soap address location should be http://abc.testsite.com/LMSCallbackService/LMSExternalOrientationService.svc?wsdl

But the current Soap address location is like http://clwebwtrv4.colo.testsite.com/LMSCallBackService/LMSExternalOrientationService.svc?wsdl [the link is wrong.]

How could I remove the bold items?

I searched the stuff in net, came up with the following solutions

Use static wsdl file, instead of dynamic generation of wsdl file.

Note: don't know how to stop dynamic generation of wsdl file, also where to put the static wsdl file.

Questions: - where to put static wsdl file? - how to stop dynamic generation of wsdl file?

Any help?

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Way to use static WSDL:

Save the wsdl file to some location, use the physical path while calling.

$url = 'http://www.testsite.com/abc/preprod_sunflower.wsdl'

Ex: $client = new nusoap_client($url,true);

Note: in that WSDL file don't fotget to provide your proper 'Soap Address Location'.

Thats it. Hope its use full.


While updating the NuSoap, its creates some problem. So we need to update our WSDL file.

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You worked out and posted the answer. Great! – Ramesh Moorthy Jan 30 '13 at 5:07

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