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I am attempting to open a .xaml.cs file in Visual Studio 2012, but double-clicking the file does nothing and right-clicking and selecting Open does nothing.

If I attempt to open any other .xaml.cs file, it works fine - so it is isolated to a single file.

For example...

  • ImportUserControl.xaml - Opens fine
  • ImportUserControl.xaml.cs - Won't open
  • ExportUserControl.xaml - Opens fine
  • ExportUserControl.xaml.cs - Won't open

I have also tried opening the .xaml file in Visual Studio and selecting View Code too.

What could cause this and how do I resolve it?

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Sometimes VS2012 can flake-out like that. Have you tried right-clicking from the XAML view and selecting 'View Code'? Also excluding and then immediately including the xaml.cs file(s) again can get it to open up too. –  KodeKreachor Jan 28 '13 at 13:27

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The resolution to this isn't great, but I guess it is obvious.

I closed Visual Studio and then re-opened it. This cleared the problem up.

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