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Ok this is more of a 'Keeping my house in order' question.

PHPmyAdmin is installed but it has a bunch of databases installed as default.

•cdcol (1) •information_schema (37) •mysql (24) •performance_schema (17) •phpmyadmin (8) •test •webauth (1)

I recently deleted a bunch of these but after that I had lots of issues accessing PHPmyAdmin and had to re-install. Anyway long story short can I happily delete these without effecting my system?

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Considering these tables contain things like user accounts and information about your databases, I'd say no. You might want to look up what these things do before deleting them. –  monkeymatrix Jan 28 '13 at 13:51

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Not all of those listed databases are phpMyAdmin related. Some are required for MySQL to operate normally.

cdcol Probably is for the cd collection sample database that comes with XAMPP. webauth is probably part of XAMPP as well.

The only phpMyAdmin related database (as you probably already guessed) is phpmyadmin, you can delete it, but letting it be there would improve performance, and add more functionality to the phpMyAdmin.

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Delete the cdcol database; it is just a sample. For the other tables you mentioned, hide them from view by adding the following to config.inc.php.

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