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I am working on a trivia game with multiple ipads/clients.

Basically each team will have an ipad where they can answer questions. To make the example easy these will just be multiple choice questions. There will be one master client (tablet/laptop) that can monitor the answers from the teams.

I would like to make an API to:

  • make the questions available to the teams/ipads (through json)
  • receive the answers from the teams
  • keep a score …

In my backend i want to:

  • prepare a game, save a game, assign a game to a session, add questions, tasks, …

The master client has to be able to push actions to the teams. For example start a movie on the ipads.

I will make the API + backend in a MVC framework (cakephp). Some of the game logic will be in the api, some on the client.

My question:

  • Are there online platforms allready doing this? I don't wan to reinvent the wheel.
  • What is the best way to push data to the clients (nodejs, …)?
  • Will i advantage from BAAS(backen as a servic) providers like apigee, …

I don't really know in which other direction to look.

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Perhaps worthwhile asking this on gamedev.stackexchange.com –  maksimov Jan 28 '13 at 13:49
I am thinking horse before the cart here. I would recommend to build a interface to replace your API functions and then add the API functionality. Also, this project: opensourcescripts.com/info/ostests.html most likely could be modified. –  user1877337 Jan 28 '13 at 13:51

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What is the best way to push data to the clients (nodejs, …)?

It depends what level of "pushing" you need, but you have basically two realistic options, each have their merits but are very similar in their approaches.

Firstly, basically a "socket" is opened and not closed, this allows data to be pushed down to the device, without the device asking for it.

You can do this with NodeJS and Socket.io - but you might have a problem finding a client framework for your app. A quick search turns up Any Objective-C libraries for socket.io? which might help. You can also do this with a protocol called XMPP (jabber). Although it was "technically" built for IM, it is largely XML based so finding an XML interpreter may be slightly easier than a Socket.io client framework. You can send "messages" to and from the server and app, which can contain arbitrary XML within them. I've used XMPP before and although there is a steep initial learning curve its a very useful and powerful technology. You can use https://github.com/robbiehanson/XMPPFramework for iOS and there will be a similar framework for the back-end language of your choice (PHP, ASP, whatever).

Secondly you can just do it with looping calls to the API, but this will waste battery life and increase internet use. This would be the most easily accessible option however, and might be a good start for an MVP (minimum viable product).

Sorry I can't answer the other two questions. They're reasonably specific. You'll only know the answer to them when you've done enough research and weighed up the pros and cons. Someone else might have more experience and be able to guide you, but everyone's situation is different.

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i am moving this question to gamedev. Thanks for the reply. –  Jos Vaessen Jan 28 '13 at 14:06

What is the best way to push data to the clients (nodejs, …)?

Besides from the options that Thomas Clayson mentioned you can also use a commercial service like Pusher. That saves you from developing and maintaining your own service or infrastructure.

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