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As the title states: Can any one help me figure out how to write a JavaScript regex expression that matches a string that end in ".js" but fails when given a string that ends in "-min.js".


hello.js -> match

hellomin.js -> match

hello-min.js -> no match

hello-min-hello.js -> match


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Use negative lookahead:



This will also work for less than 4 characters before the .js:


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This looks like it works but will fail if there are less than four characters preceding ".js" – Sidawy Jan 28 '13 at 14:33
@Sidawy - Updated answer to fix this. – robinCTS Jan 28 '13 at 14:44

Use the pseudo-inverted matching based on a previous question:

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Since JS does not support negative lookbehind, lets use negative lookahead!

var str = 'asset/34534534/jquery.test-min.js',
    reversed = str.split('').reverse().join('');

// And now test it
/^sj\.(?!nim-)/.test(reversed); // will give you false if str has min.js at the end

Funny, right?

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I have extended @robinCTS's regex to match file paths with more than one dot (for example with version number at the end of filename) and also a string that ends in ".min.js":



  • hello.js -> match
  • hellomin.js -> match
  • hellomin-2.4.3.js -> match
  • hello-min-hello.js -> match
  • hello-min.js -> no match
  • hello.min.js -> no match
  • hellomin-2.4.3-min.js -> no match
  • hellomin-2.4.3.min.js -> no match
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You can use negative lookbehind :



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JS regex doesn't support negative lookbehind! ;) – oleq Jan 28 '13 at 14:02

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