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I'm looking for something (either a program or script) that will run an internet connection (UPLOAD) speed test at regular intervals and store the results so that I can evaluate them. I have seen other questions here and at other sites regarding speed testing, but I've never seen a solution to upload testing when you don't have a server to upload to. I know there are a lot of tesing sites out there for upload tests, but I also need to store my results for evaluation later. Optimally, I'd like to be notified if the results are out of spec, but that is icing on the cake. I can notify myself if I can store and evaluate the data.


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looks like a project for freelancer or elancer or other such site. once you have the code you will run on your local system? where will the results be stored? on file system locally? –  tgkprog Apr 15 '13 at 12:04

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I know this question is old but it came up when I was also looking for a system to test download/upload speed automatically over a given period and it doesn't have an answer so for anyone else looking, try this: http://testmy.net/auto

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