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I have a SecurityController.Login method, which is an HTTPGET. Intermittently, in my IIS logs, I'm seeing one request for /Security/Login followed immediately (within 2 milliseconds, typically) by 3 requests for /Security/index.php.

Most of the time, I see only the first request for /Security/Login, which is correct, when someone comes to my site to log in. However, on occasion, I see the following 3 requests which, of course, cause an error: "A public action method 'index.php' was not found on controller '[x]'.

Any ideas how this "index.php" is being requested? index.php is not listed as a default document in IIS, and we have no instances of requests for index.php in our app, nor do we have any views or other documents that are named index.php.


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Any ideas how this "index.php" is being requested?

This could be bots, spiders and etc. I am using Elmah and very often I could found a lot of files with *.php. Many of them have strange headers, user-agents contain: Java, old browser versions, sometimes domain names of scanning sites or detecting CMS.

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