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how can find the numbers of tabs related to paragraphs with openxml in c#?

for example:

     test paragraph1
              test paragraph2

imagine first paragraph has one tab space and 2nd have two tab space. i want to find some thing like this with open xml in c#,but how?

is this posts related?


Escape Sequences

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Open XMl will use the fallowing xml to include tab in the paragraph

  <w:tab />
  <w:t>Paragraph one</w:t>

The following code will achieve your requirement in C#:

XNamespace W = @"http://schemas.openxmlformats.org/wordprocessingml/2006/main";
using (
    WordprocessingDocument document =
        WordprocessingDocument.Open(@"YourDocPath\tabs_in_text.docx", true))
    var body = document.MainDocumentPart.Document.GetFirstChild<Body>();
    var paras = body.Elements<Paragraph>();

    foreach (var para in paras)
        //Ver. 1
        //var xml = XElement.Parse(para.OuterXml);
        // var count = xml.Descendants(W + "tab").Count();

        //Ver. 2
        var tabElements = para.Descendants<TabChar>();
        var count = tabElements.Count(); // Collect the counts into array or dictionary for your usage.

Hope this helps.

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