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I have only one ClearCase registry. But I need to create another one in order to enhance the security. Unregister the vob and register it in the new registry is easy, but how can I move all the views?? I'm talking about two thousand views. So, I need a mechanism to move ALL the views of one vob to a new registry. Is it possible?

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Basically, you need to have a script which would:

  • rmtag
  • unregister
  • mktag
  • register again

(from rgy_admin:)

enter image description here

But that would render the views inoperable: the users would have to delete them (simple delete, no mkview required), and rebuild the view.dat (for snapshot views)

Maybe it would be easier to declare your second registry server as a backup of your first registry, and once the two servers are in sync, make an rgy switchover (from "rgy_backup").

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