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reI'm stuck with a gremlin query to assign rank values to nodes based on a sorted list of keys passed to the query as a parameter. Each node identified by "uniqueId" values should be assigned a rank based on order of occurrence in the reranked array.

This works:

reranked = [uniqueId1, uniqueId2, uniqueId3]'e').inV.filter{it.key == reranked[2]}.back('e').sideEffect{it.rank = 2}

But this doesn't (replacing int with for-loop variable):

reranked = [uniqueId1, uniqueId2, uniqueId3]
for (i in 1..reranked.size())'e').inV.filter{it.key == reranked[i]}.back('e').sideEffect{it.rank = i}

Do you know why this doesn't work? I'd also be happy for simpler ideas to reach the same goal.

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You could do this using Groovy's eachWithIndex like:

reranked = [uniqueId1, uinqueId2, uniqueId3]
reranked.eachWithIndex{uniqueId, idx ->'e').inV.has('key', uniqueId).back('e').sideEffect{it.rank = idx} }

I have used Gremlin's has step above because it's much more efficient than filter in case of simple property look-up.

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Great, this is a nice improvement over my solution! And do you know why the loop variable i doesn't make it into the functions scope in my question? – bebbi Jan 31 '13 at 8:45
No, I don't think I know an exact answer for that. But I have never seen a for loop being used in Gremlin constructs. Especially since we already have each{} and eachWithIndex{} iterators. – rhetonik Jan 31 '13 at 14:43

Well, it looks like I found a solution, maybe clumsy but hey, it works!

c=0'st')'e').inV.filter{it.key == reranked[c]}.back('e').sideEffect{
    it.rank = reranked.size() - c }.outV.loop('st'){ c++ < so.size() }

I will still accept another answer if there's a fix for above situation and perhaps a more elgant approach to the solution.

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