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I'm trying to find a good way to delimit my text in excel without losing the data.

I have Nastran data, which has data like below:

GRID      160125  106000 12.2417-226.961 .557834  106000  
GRID      160126  106000-48.3499-2.75691-2.21477  106000

I would like Excel to arrange the data like the following:

GRID   |   160125 |  106000 |  12.2417  |  -226.961  |    .557834  |  106000  
GRID   |   160126 |  106000 | -48.3499  |   -2.75691 |  -2.21477   |  106000

However, if I delim with space and -, it drops the - and makes the number positive. Is there a formula I can write so, that if it runs into a -, it'll put a space in front and then delim all the data? Or is there a simple way to delim it without a formula?

Thank you

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Have you tried fixed length delimiter? – Kami Jan 28 '13 at 14:48
the problem is that the first like 15 sets of data are like GRID 106002 106000 0.0-10.2866 0.0 106000 – Niseonna Jan 28 '13 at 15:33
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Try this formula (assuming your data starts from A1): =SUBSTITUTE(A1,"-"," -"). Autofill it as required, then copy & special paste entire column with formulas as VALUES. Now you're able to apply text delim with space.

I hope you're happy with the results.

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It may be possible to use Fixed width delimiting option: at least in your example data columns have a uniform length. Maybe it's otherwise with more data.

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I tried Kami's solution and Fixed width import worked great.

I saved your input data as a .txt file. Then I opened the text file in Excel. While it placed several breaks at the spaces, I had to click next to the minus signs to create new breaks.

Excel then parsed the columns correctly.

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This is will work only in case each of items in a string has fixed width. For this particular task indeed this is OK. – Peter L. Jan 28 '13 at 15:22
Agreed, the OPs numerical data is exactly 8 characters wide. – rajah9 Jan 28 '13 at 15:47

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