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i created an array which contains our information about socket and sessions and nicknames like below

 myarray ==   [
        {sessionId: '12345', nickname: 'timmay!', socketIds: [1, 2, 3]},
        {sessionId: '23456', nickname: 'pete', socketIds: [4, 5, 6]}

now i want to disconnect socket.id number 1 and 2 because i want a user just have 1 socket for 1 browser. for example if user with nickname timmy open our chat with one tab of his browser we have socketIds: [1] then if he open another tab we create another socket for him with id 2,now we have 2 id for one client. is there anyway to disconnect id number 1 with socket.id?

some code like this for instance?

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Try this:

delete io.sockets.sockets[myarray[index].sessionId];
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