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I have never used MongoDb before, nor have I used Monger before. I am working on a Clojure app. I simply want to be able to add one document, as an upsert. This is some of my code:

(defn convert-data-to-be-persisted [session-data]
  (convert/to-db-object session-data))

(defn persist-data-to-database [converted-document-to-persist]
  (mc/update "timeout_discovery" {:sessions converted-document-to-persist} {} :upsert true))

I am using monger:


The println and timbre/spy statements I have are printing this data to the terminal output:

in persist-data-to-database: { "serverUsed" : "/" , "updatedExisting" : false , "upserted" : { "$oid" : "510680444077296acfa67d6b"} , "n" : 1 , "connectionId" : 4 , "err" : null , "ok" : 1.0}

If I log into MongoDb at the command line, it seems the collection remains empty:

db.timeout_discovery.find() { "_id" : ObjectId("51017c5fa86c7bcc3d423c4d"), "timeout" : "discovery" }

There is one document, but it has nothing in it except "timeout" and "discovery".

I looked here to try to figure out what to do, but every variation that I tried failed:


This line:

(convert/to-db-object session-data))

returns this document (but I shorten it here, as the original is long, bloated with more of the HTML that you see here):

in get-data-to-be-persisted the document to persist is: { "e6e20a2c-cb46-498c-b2f2-743e2b38b917" : { "itinerary-as-string" : "\n \t\n \t\t

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So, why would this not save?

I am not seeing any errors in the terminal output, though if there is an error, I would like suggestions about how to capture it and see it.

If there are no errors, do I simply have the syntax wrong for MongoDb or monger?

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Third argument in update is new object you want to set. You pass empty map as new object. Is it correct? –  Nikita Beloglazov Jan 29 '13 at 9:47
I should have explained all the variations I had already tried. I did try swapping the argument order several different ways. None of that makes a difference. The document does not arrive in MongoDb, and I do not see to ever get an error. –  cerhovice Jan 29 '13 at 20:02

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Author of Monger here. What environment do you run this code in? It may be an authentication issue. Monger uses "safe" write concern by default so writes will never fail silently (as far as Monger goes, you still have to handle exceptions). According to the server response you've posted, the write succeeded just fine (you can see "ok": 1.0 in the response document).

Please refer to Monger's documentation if you have questions about function arguments. I highly recommend starting with the Getting Started guide in the REPL.

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