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I'm not very good at systems-level work yet, but I have a feeling that something is weird with my default python settings. I'm Mac OSX 10.8. I typically work with Python 2.7 in eclipse. However, when I type in python in terminal, it informs me that my default version of Python is 2.5.4. When I type which python, I'm given this directory:


Python 2.7 is located here:


This is where I have installed all of my modules/site packages.

This is what my PATH looks like:


I'd like to be able to use Python 2.7 as my default in command line, but given the weirdness of some of my PATH/default settings, I'm not sure how to achieve that, keeping in mind that I want to retain all of the custom installations I have done for Python 2.7. Any suggestions?

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Not sure what weirdness you are speaking of – that $PATH looks fine to me. Just invert the order of the Python framework paths so the 2.7 vesion comes first in $PATH and you should be good to go. – kopischke Jan 28 '13 at 15:03
In you PATH, .../Version/Current/bin is before .../Version/2.7/bin, hence your python 2.5 is seen first, and run instead of 2.7. Remove the path with "Current" from yout PATH variable, and it should work – user1220978 Jan 28 '13 at 15:05

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