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Is it possible to catch event 'CancelButtonPressed' in Facebook App through facebook-ios-sdk authorization flow?

I use pretty old version of Facebook SDK for IOS and open session like this:

[_facebookSession openWithBehavior:FBSessionLoginBehaviorWithNoFallbackToWebView
                             completionHandler:^(FBSession *session, FBSessionState status, NSError *error) {
                NSLog(@"this is FBSession State: %d",status);
                NSLog(@"this is NSError: %@",error);
                NSLog(@"create new session with permissions: %@",_facebookSession.permissions);

I saw this question, but maybe something changed in Facebook IOS SDK?

Maybe somebody knows answer or good solution?

Thanks for help!


if ([_facebookSession state]==FBSessionStateCreatedOpening){
    // if we call FBApp, facebook session will be in this state (createdOpening)
    // and we need to check it and close, to recall FBApp
    [_facebookSession closeAndClearTokenInformation];
    // and now recrate session and open it ;)
    _facebookSession = [[FBSession alloc] initWithAppID:kAppId
                                             tokenCacheStrategy:[FBSessionTokenCachingStrategy defaultInstance]

    //and reopen it like `[_facebookSession openWith... ];`
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I find only one way: kill session, when i reentered in these peace of code. See my edit – gaussblurinc Jan 29 '13 at 12:16

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