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Referring to this question here: Adding subdomain support into lighttpd

I am trying to setup a subdomain on my server. The example provided in the link above works but, the problem is, I still have not bought a domain and, as I am running on a development environment and my IP is dynamic, I have problems in setting it as I need to change the config file every time I change my IP.

Is there any way to set a subdomain without necessarily setting the domain as well?

This question is a good fit for all the people who are running in a development environment with dynamic IP, and need to setup subdomains for their website.

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Why don't you force the dns (on your local machine) by editing your /etc/hosts file ?

#[server ip]   [new domain not bought]    subdomain.domain.com

Then, every time you will go on subdomain.domain.com, it will point to, which is your server.

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