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How can I use cron on Google Appengine?

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This page lists how to achieve Cron-like functionality on Google Appengine.

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You can now run scheduled tasks with google appengine


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Read comments to issue 6 for possible workarounds.

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All suggested workarounds in that link depend on external box. The answer 1 suggests a work around without an external box –  anonymous Sep 28 '08 at 11:22

See this post - maybe soon we'll get sort-of-cron functionality in GAE.

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According to the official AppEngine blog's public roadmap update two weeks ago, scheduled tasks (as well as background task queues) are due for the release in the moderately near future ("in the next six months," as of Feb. 6, 2009).

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Here is an example http://cron-tab.appspot.com/, the python source code is available in the related project at code.google.com/p/cron-tab/

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Here's a tutorial on using a Google App Engine Cron Job to send an automated email:


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