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I know how to get standard email (cezary.kowalski@o2.pl). How to get Facebook's email (cezary.kowalski.56481@facebook.com)?


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Facebook's email id is nothing but the facebook users username with the domain facebook.com So if you just have the username of any facebook user you will have his/her facebook email too. Its just username@facebook.com

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I don't think this is possible. You will get the primary email of the user. Previously, the users were able not to share their direct emails with apps and hence a proxied email is shared instead. But I don't see this option anymore though.

Anyway, you can have a quick look at the user FQL table to check what are the fields available:

SELECT contact_email, email, email_hashes, proxied_email FROM user WHERE uid=me()

You can also try it yourself here.

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