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I'm monitoring the CPU usage of my NodeJS application by the means of the os.cpus() function. When printing the return values of the function, I noticed some cores show negative values for user time and idle time. Is that even possible?


Here is one of the CPUs in the returned object of that function call.

{ model: 'Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E7540  @ 2.00GHz',
    speed: 1064,
    times: { 
        user: -599586196,
        nice: 46900,
        sys: 726751700,
        idle: -1356274912,
        irq: 1000 
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This error was due to a conversion error in the file in the /src folder of Node.JS. The problem and the solution are shown here As a matter of fact, I was using an old version of node (0.8.12). Upgrading to the latest version fixed the bug.

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