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I need to create a sheet with google spreadsheet script, with no gridlines, and I am using:


But, the default seens to be "with gridlines", so I tried:

NewSheet=ss.insertSheet(SheetName, ss.getNumSheets() , {template:OtherSheet} );

It works, but the new sheet carry all other contents, and I need to remove everything. Is there any way to create a new sheet and turn off gridlines ?

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I can't find any way around that - there just isn't much programmatic control over the look of sheets. How about making a blank template sheet, and otherwise doing what you're doing? That way, no need to blank things out. Also, you could hide the sheet to avoid messing it up. –  Mogsdad Jan 28 '13 at 17:48

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I don't think the Google Apps Script API supports it at present time.

As you suggested, cloning an existing sheet and removing everything from it should do the trick.

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