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I would like to know if TFS2012 can update workitems (bug) when they are checked in?

We had something similar in a different source control system that would change the status of the ticket based on a series of comments.

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This has been out-of-the-box since the very first version of TFS way back in 2005. There are two things that hapen interactively between work items and Source Control:

1. When you check-in

When you do a check-in you are asked to associate the work items that you worked on with the check-in. You will have the option to just "associate" or to "resolve" that work item. If you select "associate" the check-in will just be linked to the work item. If you select "resolve", and depending on your process template, it will not only "associate" but will also advance the state of the work item.

2. When you build

When a build is executed it looks at the change-sets that have happened since the last build and at the work items that are in turn associated with those check-ins. If it finds Bugs, Requirements or Tasks it will set the "Integrated In" field on those work items on a successfully build.

This allows you to associate Work Complete all the way down to Code Changed.

Traceability in TFS Figure: Traceability in TFS

This is fundamental to achieving traceability in Team Foundation Server and is pretty striate forward to implement.

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