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I am iterating through possible radii for a circle (r), and when I find potential candidates I basically want to push them onto a stack. I only need to remember the last two radii and the color of the circle they correspond to, So I've created four integers to store these variables. However, the print statement I have included always yields values of 0 for both variables.

 //small stack to hold values of previous circles
            int small_radius    =   0;
            int small_color     =   0;
            int med_radius      =   0;
            int med_color       =   0; 
            //iterate through possible radii       
            while (r<max){
                //check for possibility of a circle
                    //confirm it is a circle and store its color
                    int large_color = confirmCircle(x,y,r,img,g);
                    if(large_color != -1){
                        //if it is a circle, compare the medium circle against the current one and the small one
                        //check if the current circle and small circle do not immediately surround the medium circle
                        boolean matches_small = (med_radius-1 == small_radius && med_color == small_color);
                        boolean matches_large = (r-1 == med_radius && large_color == med_color);
                        if(!matches_small && !matches_large){
                            //if it is a circle of single line thickness, draw it
                            System.out.println("med_radius: "+med_radius+" small_radius: "+small_radius);
                        //now push the current circle onto the stack.
                        small_radius = med_radius;
                        small_color  = med_color;
                        med_radius   = r;
                        med_color    = large_color;  

edit: for those wondering what confirmCircle looks like, here it is, but it shouldn't make a difference.

 static int confirmCircle(int cx, int cy, int r, BufferedImage img, Graphics2D g) {

    int color = img.getRGB(cx,cy+r);

    int f = 1-r;
    int ddF_x = 1;
    int ddF_y = -2 * r;
    int x = 0;
    int y = r;

    while(x < y) {
        if(f >= 0) {
            ddF_y += 2;
            f += ddF_y;
        ddF_x += 2;
        f += ddF_x;

        if(img.getRGB(cx+x,cy+y) != color){color = -1;}
        if(img.getRGB(cx-x,cy+y) != color){color = -1;}
        if(img.getRGB(cx+x,cy-y) != color){color = -1;}
        if(img.getRGB(cx-x,cy-y) != color){color = -1;}
        if(img.getRGB(cx+y,cy+x) != color){color = -1;}
        if(img.getRGB(cx-y,cy+x) != color){color = -1;}
        if(img.getRGB(cx+y,cy-x) != color){color = -1;}
        if(img.getRGB(cx-y,cy-x) != color){color = -1;}
    return color;
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What does the debugger point to? Did you try using it? – Scorpion Jan 28 '13 at 16:24
Without the code of confirmCircle, there's no way to know what's wrong. If it returns -1 everytime, you would get the results you see. We need more informations to be able to help in a significant way. – Jonathan Drapeau Jan 28 '13 at 16:31
Your println statement is before the assignment of med_radius. Should it be using r to display med_radius? Since med_radius is equal to r. – Manuel Quinones Jan 28 '13 at 16:32
@JonathanDrapeau if it returns -1 the print statement is not called. – agarrow Jan 28 '13 at 16:33
Strange.. I just tested your code (max = 10, faked the methods to just return values that will get inside the loop, and forced the booleans to be false so it guarantees printing) and everything printed out incremented like it should be... – jonhopkins Jan 28 '13 at 16:44

There is no code in this sample that assigns to any of the four variables.

If you are doing the assignment inside confirmCircle(), then the problem is that you are expecting ints to be pass-by-reference when they are pass-by-value in Java.

In other words:

int a = 4;

public void changeA(int someVar) {

System.out.println(a);  //prints 4, not 5.
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confirmCircle() returns the RGB value of the circle, which I then assign to a variable inside this loop. – agarrow Jan 28 '13 at 16:26

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