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iOS UIAutomation - Command line Instruments sets environment variables using -e. Is there a way to access those variables in javascript's UIATarget?

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Why would you want to access those variables in the Javascript? – Johan de Klerk Feb 21 '13 at 6:08

Make a shell script than generates a JavaScript file with the value of the environment variables:

cat >> END
const Var1 = "$VAR1";
const VarN = "$VARN";
END > Env.js
# launch instruments here
instruments [...] -e VAR1 "$VAR1" ... -e VARN "$VARN"

In your automation script import the generated file:

#import "Env.js"

/* Use `Var1`, ..., `VarN`. */

Save Env.js in the automation script directory and it should work fine. Be careful, you may need to escape your variables to generate a valid JavaScript.

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Thanks. That is useful. I did something different though: – Sangeetha Srinivasan Apr 12 '13 at 16:57
In a config file specify the required paramters. Wrote a python script that reads these parameters and prints to stdout. Read the stdout and parse in the UiAutomation javascript using function parseAllEnvironmentVariables() { envvars = host.performTaskWithPathArgumentsTimeout("/usr/bin/python", ["utils/"], 5).stdout; } function getEnvironmentVariable(varname) { return (new String(envvars).substring(envvars.indexOf(varname+dlimiter)+varname.length+dlimi‌​ter.length,envvars.indexOf(dlimiter+varname))); } – Sangeetha Srinivasan Apr 12 '13 at 17:15

Basically I wanted to pass in variables for the uiautomation javascript. Instead of passing the variables as environment variables I am reading them from a ini file as below.

In a config file specify the required paramters. A python script reads these parameters and prints to stdout. UiAutomation javascript reads the stdout and parses variables


server_url =
uname = user11
pwd = secret


   import json, os;
   import ConfigParser;
   config = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()'~/test/test.ini')
   for jsvar in config.items('JSVARS'):
      print jsvar[0]+":"+jsvar[1]+":"+jsvar[0]


var dlimiter = ":"
    envvars = host.performTaskWithPathArgumentsTimeout("/usr/bin/python",[""], 5).stdout;

function getEnvironmentVariable(varname)
    return (new String(envvars).substring(envvars.indexOf(varname+dlimiter)+varname.length+dlimiter.length,envvars.indexOf(dlimiter+varname)));
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Is this more information for the question, or an answer? If this is a continuation of the question, please edit your question and paste this there. "Answers" should only be answers. – ford Apr 12 '13 at 17:54

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