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I need to be able to push to a repository but using the code-review feature. To push I am using tortoisegit for this, when pushing to master I get this error:

ssh://myusername@myorganization:29418/project ! [remote rejected] master -> master (can not update the reference as a fast forward) error: failed to push some refs to ssh://myusername@myorganization:29418/project

The only way I am able to push is by adding the Push permission to the group but this bypasses the code-review. How can I set up Gerrit so that it allows me to push for review?

I wasn't the person who set this up so I am having problems to understand the required permissions, I have read the ACL documentation of Gerrit but I don't have clear what I have to do.

Our current permissions for this project

Thanks in advance!

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Your permissions are probably right, but you should push to refs/for/master instead of master. For example,

git push ssh://myusername@myorganization:29418/project HEAD:refs/for/master
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Thanks a lot!: ) – PepeFloyd Jan 28 '13 at 17:15

And if you want to bypass the gerrit review and merge any change use heads instead of for. Command will be

git push ssh://myusername@myorganization:29418/project HEAD:refs/heads/master
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