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I'm trying to get Magmi (Magento mass importer) working. On a test installation I want to import a CSV with one row of headers and one product item. I'm using the following CSV code:

12333444;"T-Shirt White Small.";2.95;1;1;4;;"0.3";"shirts";2

When I import this, I get the following results back:

Performing Datasouce Lookup...
Found 1 records, took 0.00013017654418945 sec
CSV Datasource v1.2 - 10 CSV headers columns found
Ajusted processed columns:10

Global Stats
Imported    Elapsed     Recs/min    Attrs/min   Last 0.5%
1 items (100%)  0.001   61863   618630  0.0008

DB Stats
Requests    Elapsed     Speed   Avg Reqs    Efficiency  Last 0.5%   
1   0.0003  189360 reqs/min     1/item  30%     1 reqs

1 warning(s) found: Skus imported KO:1/1 
Runtime infos: Skus imported OK:0/1
Skipped 1 records

So nothing is imported, and I'm a bit lost on why. Is the CSV not correct? Should I add columns for the store? Where can I see error reports on the import?


Based on dweeves answer...

  • I removed the categories and tax_class_id column.
  • I use the last version.
  • I use the "create new items..." mode when running the import

Still, it didn't work. After some searching, I added the following columns:

  • store = admin (the default value)
  • attribute_set = ... (search for a value in the admin)
  • type = simple (Simple Product)

Now the import works.

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The problem was the store column. Attribute set and type may be omitted. –  sg3s Nov 18 '13 at 13:01

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  • for handling "categories" column, you need extra plugin package that has category importer.
  • tax_class_id column should contain the label of the tax class (as in dataflow format)
  • make sure you are using latest magmi (0.7.18 beta 2 or even better , latest svn snapshot)
  • if sku does not exist in magento and you want to create it, use "create new & update existing mode", it sku already exists in magento , then "update existing" import mode should be sufficient.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I added my solution to the question! –  SPRBRN Jan 29 '13 at 12:04
my error SKU Finder v0.0.1 - is not a valid attribute so how to set "create new & update existing mode", –  ravi patel Oct 28 '13 at 7:58

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