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I have a batch script that runs 7zip and allows me to zip all the files in one folder. I only want to zip files that have a Date Modified of 2010 or another date of my choosing. I want to delete the files after I get them archived into a zip folder. This is my logic. Find files that are from 2012 and archive those files into a folder called 2012. Zip the folder and delete the files. 0

This is what I have so far.


REM This sets name of the zip file
Set choice=
set /p choice=What is the year of the files?

REM This sets the path of the file
Set path=
set /p path=What is the path of the files on C:\'path'\?

REM Use 7Zip to Zip files in folder c:\path and place the zip archive in C:\path

ECHO Zipping all files in C:\%path% and moving archive to c:\%path%

C:\7z a -tzip "C:\%path%\" "C:\%path%\*.*" -mx5

ECHO Would you like to Delete the files in orginal folder?
DEL "C:\%path%\*.*"

ECHO File is now zipped
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Danger Will Robinson, danger. The set /p path= line you have there will make Windows forget where to find some of its executables, at least until it's rebooted. Best not to recycle variables that already have another purpose. – rojo Jan 28 '13 at 19:45

Seems pretty straight forward. By the way, I'm not familiar with 7zip's command-line switches. I'm taking it for granted that you already have the syntax of 7z.exe the way it needs to be.

@echo off

set 7z=C:\7z.exe
if not exist %7z% set /p 7z="Path to 7-zip executable? "

set /p year="What year do you wish to archive? "

set /p dir="What is the path of the files you wish to archive? "

mkdir "%year%"

rem output of dir is date time am/pm size filename
rem filename = 5th + additional tokens
for /f "tokens=5*" %%I in ('dir "%dir%" ^| find "/%year%"') do move "%dir%\%%I %%J" "%year%"

%7z% a -tzip "%dir%\" "%year%" -mx5

set /p I="I'm about to delete the %year% folder.  Hit Ctrl-C if this is a bad idea, or hit Enter to continue."
rmdir /q /s "%year%"

echo Done.  w00p.

I think what you were missing is the for loop. As I've written it, it performs a directory listing, disregards anything not matching the year as the user enters it, then moves token 5* to the %year% directory for zipping.

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That works for me. I changed the code up a lot, but I just want to thank you for the find /year command. – user2012448 Jan 30 '13 at 16:47
@user2012448 - cool. If you agree that it's appropriate to do so, please accept my answer formally. See… for an explanation. – rojo Jan 31 '13 at 4:18

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