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Using Globalize3 I am trying to load the following models including translations in a single query:

  • products (with product_translations)
  • properties (with property_translations)

When I try the query below it loads only the translations for product. Despite some tries, I have no idea how to load property_translations.

@products = Product.includes(:properties).with_translations

Edit (1)

My goal is to load the 2 models with translations with eager loading. Right now, It loads products, product_translations and properties in a single query but not property_translations

I have also tried:

Product.with_translations.all(:include => { :properties => :property_translations }

But the issue here is there is no property_translations model (table created with Globalize3)

Thanks for your thought!

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do you have declaration like "translates :sample_name" in your property model? – Sean Xiao Jan 28 '13 at 17:58
Yes I have my declarations set in my model, I completed my question with one other try and some more explanation of what I am trying to achieve – benoitr Jan 28 '13 at 18:04
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I've got the answer from the following question: Rails 3 includes translations globalize3 activerecord which is:

@products = Product.includes([:translations, {:properties => :translations}])
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