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I am working with ccnet 1.6 and am having trouble with some of the concepts. I build my .NET solution with a batch file that returns success or failure. Following that there are also steps to build a solution for unit tests and steps to run a batch to execute the unit tests themselves. I was wondering is there is a way that I can access the return value ccnet gets back from the first build so that I can conditionally run the steps to build the unite tests and to run them. I have looked, and I have found a wealth of information about ccnet, but I haven't seen how to get this return value from ccnet and I am sure it's a simple thing that I have missed.

Any help appreciated. Thanks

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Not directly. You could use a Conditional Task. However my approach would be to setup the unit tests in a separate CC.net project and use a project trigger to start when the build was successful.N

Maybe you want to look into NAnt, Python or another scripting language -- my experience with batch-file have been poor.

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