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I was having the same problem listed here but when I implement his fix, Colorbox doesn't work anymore. Since that wasn't working, I tried a simple pop-up on click from within a slide, and that doesn't work either. Both Colorbox and the pop up work if I move it outside of the slideshow div.

I'm a beginner, I understand CSS and HTML but JS or jquery happens mostly through copy & paste. I don't see any error messages in the console so I'm not sure how to troubelshoot it. I'm sure it is some simple syntax error. I've gotten to this point by reading through jQuery syntax basics on w3.org and jQuery.com but I can't seem to get this working.

FYI, I am trying to plug this into a site that uses the 1.3.2 library, hence my use of noConflict.

            <script type="text/javascript">
            var jQuery_1_5_2 = jQuery.noConflict(true);
                jQuery_1_5_2(function() {
                    jQuery_1_5_2(".inline").colorbox({inline:true, width:"50%"});

                    content_width:          980,
                    content_height:         425,
                    fit_to_parent:          false,
                    loading:                true,
                    arrows:                 true,
                    buttons:                true,
                    btn_numbers:            true,
                    keybord_keys:           true,
                    mousetrace:             false, 
                    transition:             'hslide', 
                    transition_delay:       300,
                    transition_speed:       500,
                    thumbnails:             true,
                    thumbnails_position:    'outside-last', 
                    thumbnails_direction:   'horizontal', 
                    thumbnails_slidex:      1, 
                    dynamic_height:         false,
                    speed_change:           false,
                    viewline:               false 


EDIT: I've made a bit of progress on this but would appreciate any help. I created a fiddle and have been able to get the modal sort of working in the slider but not quite. In the fiddle I have referenced the 1.3.2 jQuery library because that's what the site I'm plugging this into uses. Here is what it's doing:

  1. It only works with the pop up if I reference the 1.9.0 jQuery library. If I remove the reference to 1.5.2 and update my variable to 1_9_0 it stops working. I am confused as to why each piece would work separately with the 1.5.2 library but require the newer version to work together? Is that typical?

  2. The modal pop up only works if I have it on the first slide. I need it on the last slide.

  3. The pop up only works one time. The Colorbox FAQ states "Often it's due to the parent document's version of jQuery being overwritten by the loaded in document's version of jQuery." but if remove or reorder any of the libraries I have referenced it doesn't work.

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slider might have bug which creates conflict, you can build your own slider: stackoverflow.com/a/12608357/1428241 –  Barlas Apaydin Jan 28 '13 at 17:54
i've already invested so much time in getting this awkward slider to work, i really want to use it if possible. i feel like there must be a simple solution to the issue i'm having... –  surfbird0713 Jan 28 '13 at 18:12
@mtpultz any chance you can help since you had this issue too? –  surfbird0713 Jan 28 '13 at 18:17
do you have "live" version anywhere so we can take a look? –  Ares Jan 28 '13 at 19:18
@Ares fiddle is in the post now. thanks. –  surfbird0713 Jan 28 '13 at 19:59

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