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I am using the Cypher ReST API. It returns 1 object with two name value pairs "columns" and "data". Is there a way to ditch the columns and have the nodes returned as objects instead of an array of arrays? More in line with this:

Here is what I get now:

curl -d @query --header "Content-Type:application/json" http://localhost:7474/db/data/cypher
  "columns" : [ "source", "r_type", "target" ],
  "data" : [ [ "Corn", "LIKES", "Parsley" ], [ "Corn", "LIKES", "Sunflowers" ], 
[ "Corn", "LIKES", "Pumpkin" ], [ "Corn", "LIKES", "Peas" ], [ "Corn", "LIKES", "Beans" ], 
[ "Corn", "HATES", "Tomato" ], [ null, null, null ], [ "Carrots", "LIKES", "Tomato" ], 
[ "Carrots", "LIKES", "Peas" ], [ "Carrots", "LIKES", "Onions" ], ....

the query file:

  "query" : "start n  = node(*) match n -[r?]-> m return as source, type(r) as r_type, as target",
  "params" : {
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You could write a server plugin to achieve this. It would then be available via the REST API.

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Not bad. the plugin architecture is more straight forward than I would have thought. We'll see. I still might just opt to post-process. – ERR0 Jan 28 '13 at 22:49

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