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I wish to scan lets say, different letters till a fullstop or 'QUIT' in a line.

Say I type in: " A H Z F G ." My outputs are "A" , "H", "Z", "F" and "G"

I wish to have any amount of inputs until I put a fullstop.

Or in the case of maths, I wish to add random numbers till I input a negative value.


Typing in " 50 25 10 15 -99" (Where -99 signals the end of inputs) Gets me the output " The sum is: 100"

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What have you tried? –  Carl Norum Jan 28 '13 at 18:01

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getchar should put you in the right direction (in fact the example seems to do exactly what you are doing if I understand the problem correctly.

Really, scanf(%s) will read until the first whitespace and you keep looping (as shown in the getchar example) until you hit a negative number, or "QUIT" or whatever you want to end on.

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