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My problem is closely related to this one: My web service runs behind a port-forwarding firewall, so the port numbers reported in the WSDL document contain the internal high-numbered port. I wrote a SoapExtensionReflector class which is able to rewrite the WSDL document. So a request like is handled correctly.

However, this doesn't handle the "disco" request: This returns an XML document like this:

  <contractRef ref="" docRef=""/>
  <soap address="" binding="q1:LoginServiceSoap"/>
  <soap address="" binding="q2:LoginServiceSoap12"/>

While the soap bindings have been properly re-written by the SoapExtensionReflector, the contractRef and docRef URLs have the high-numbered port. How can I rewrite them as well?

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Finally figured something out. Created proxy classes manually using svcutil after migrating everything to WCF. I figure you could probably do the same thing using the wsdl tool that came with the old web services, but I haven't tried that.

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I didn't find a fix. I switched to WCF. I still had to write extensions to fix the port issue, using WCFExtras. That cleans up the WSDL, but I still have the port number showing on the .svc web page, though it's fairly harmless there. – Carl Raymond Jan 29 '11 at 21:50

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