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I'm in the Database Perspective, and being that this is the first time for me working with the any type of database within Eclipse, I want to make sure I save it correctly upon exit. When I click Save As, it prompts me to select a folder, but nothing jumps out at me as saying "Database Project".

Or, can I save inside of my Dynamic Web Project Folder I already have, as that is it is a JSP project that will be working with this database?

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What do You want to do? Save data in DB or save Database Perspective? Please explain it and try improve(learn) your java knowledge. –  tostao Jan 28 '13 at 23:26

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Actually, I got it. Once the MySQL database is built, as long as everything is committed (set to Auto Commit), on my Tomcat Server it will stay there.

In other words, I can turn off my Server, exit Eclipse, come back in, and all tables are there as I left them.

So, in sum...nothing special needs to be done to retain the database.

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