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Using CPanel/Softaculous to install Mediawiki on my hosted website appears to install fine. Though not sure how much the installer checks.

I then setup a sub-domain such as to accept requests there.

After that, I also setup SSL cert in Cpanel. The cert is self-signed because at the moment I am just testing out the wiki and everything before I decided if I will purchase a cert.

Then, if I attempt to go to I get the landing page of MediaWiki but if I attempt to go to I get nothing but a blank browser window.

Now, if i go to, I get a 404 error (I created a simple html page with a 404 error message then modified my .htaccess to show it on the 404).

When looking at the logs, it appears to be trying to find the index.php file under /home/mydomain/public_html/index.php instead of /home/mydomain/wiki/index.php.

Very confused on why this isn't working at all. I can post some configs and things as well but this account is a newly created CPanel account so not much as been done on it other then installing the wiki software.

(Edit) This is using SharedSSL. I couldn't get it to work without it. Some reason even after I made sure the site was the only one on the IP Address using WHM it was still showing it as a shared IP. :P

Fixed the SharedSSL by using this information: Cpanel Forums

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You will have to make a new install of MediaWiki via Softaculous. Go on the install form you will get an option to "Choose Protocol" choose https:// there and in the "Choose Domain" dropdown choose your subdomain leave the "In Directory" field blank and then click on Install button. Then you should be able to access the MediaWiki install at

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I've done this but this only forces https for the site (especially forcing all links to be https that are to the site itself). Here's the info for it Manual:$wgServer – flamusdiu Jan 29 '13 at 11:37
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I think the reason for this issue is due to how cPanel works with sub-domains and SSL. From what I gather, this appears to be a SSL cert issue since when CPanel rebuilds the httpd.conf using /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf command, it does not create a SSL virtual host for the sub-domain. Also, the parent domain works fine.

I ended up putting the wiki in /home/mydomain/public_html/wiki then setting up redirects for and to point to

For now, that's all I could figure out to fix the issue was to drop the sub-domain.

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