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I am trying to download a tiff file using a wms request to a geoserver so that I can run it through a geotiff parser in World Wind. Using the World Wind Java SDK I can parse a tiff file that is stored locally on the computer but I need to be able to parse one that is on a geoserver. Any idea how I can do this? Because the tools are already there to parse it locally, I figured maybe I can just write code to download the server request locally and pass it in so that I don't have to rewrite the parser. World Wind has support for parsing WMS requests but I need to be able to parse a wms request that returns a tiff file.

Any help or direction is much appreciated.

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So, I'm not a very good programmer; this might not be a good solution but it should work.

In the "" example here:

I edited the ImportImagery() method to include three inputs String filepath String extension and AppFrame appframe. Inside this method is "ExampleUtil.saveResourcetoTempFile(filepath, extension). This is what reads the imagery. Although I am inputting a filepath, a URL can be accepted too.

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