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I have an ObservableCollection, this collection has 2 items (model), the model has Value as a property.

there is an event CollectionChanged for the collection, which suppose to fire when an item is changed, so I am expecting to see this event get fire when a model Value sets but I don't how model should be structured to fire that event?

I know that Model can have an event and when a Model is added a handler can be assigned to this event, but I want to know how CollectionChanged works for change of item in the collection?

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CollectionChanged will only be raised when a model replaces another in your collection. Property changes to a model that is already inside the collection will not raise it.

You will need to handle those with the INotifyPropertyChanged.PropertyChanged event, which your models must expose.

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It won't fire if a property within the element is changed, only if you assign a new "model" item to an index of the collection.

If you want WPF to update when you change a property value within your Model class, you need to make the model instances implement INotifyPropertyChanged.

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