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I'm making a plugin for redmine and I don't want to modify its code.

Redmine has a class named Member which has many Role.

When Member is updated, the roles are modified. I want to make a callback after_update or around_update but I'm not being able to get the role_ids before the update.

The role ids are being modified using member.role_ids =.

I guess I can try to override the method role_ids= in Member but I'm not sure what's the impact of that when an update to Redmine is available.

RoR 3.2.11 Redmine 2.2.1

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what does it mean but I'm not being able what is the code that you use? –  phoet Jan 28 '13 at 20:11

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If you have access to the instance of the Member class you could extend it at runtime and override the role_ids method:

module ExtendedMember
  def role_ids=(value)
    # do something (you can even call super)

@member = Member.new
@member.extend ExtendedMember
@member.role_ids = [1,2,3] # will call the role_ids method of ExtendedMember

# ...

Beware that your method will only be available for this one instance of the Member class!

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