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I have a select menu, like so

<%= f.select(:size, options_for_select(@sizes_availiable), :prompt => "Select Size") %>

With the prompt "Select Size". The problem is, the user can choose "Select Size" and it still will allow the form to be submitted. How do I disallow the user from choose that as a value, given that all the sizes are strings as well?

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There's are a couple of things you can do:

# as suggested, use :include_blank
f.select:size, options_for_select(@sizes_availiable), include_blank: "Select Size"
# wihch creates an 'option' tag with no value and 'Select Size' text

# or/and add a validation
validates :size, presence: true
validates :size, numericality: true       # or
validates :size, format: { with: /\d+/ }  #

However, you should always include validations to prevent malign users from manipulating the form and submitting random stuff.

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The format was what I was looking for! Thanks! –  cadlac Jan 28 '13 at 22:18
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Use include_blank instead of prompt.

 <%= f.select(:size, options_for_select(@sizes_availiable), {:include_blank => "Select Size"}) %>

Than you can validate the size in your model.

validates :size,   :presence => true
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Use :disabled

<%= f.select(:size, options_for_select(@sizes_availiable), :prompt => "Select Size", :disabled => 'Select Size') %>



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