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I have a crmdatetime field on a custom field in Dynamics 4.0. I'm using the webservice to send the date over. Unfortunately, the date is not getting saved. Any thoughts:

            CrmDateTime crmstartdate = new CrmDateTime();
            CrmDateTime crmstartDate = new CrmDateTime();
            crmstartdate.date = System.Convert.ToString(startingdate);
            CrmDateTime crmendDate = new CrmDateTime();
            crmendDate.date = System.Convert.ToString(endingdate);
            ev.new_startingdate = crmstartdate;
            ev.new_endingdate = crmendDate;
            Guid eventid=util.service.Create(ev);

So even though I'm sending the date over, it isn't being saved.

Thoughts about what could be wrong here?

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It looks your question is similar to this one. Take a look at this function

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