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I believe I have read this somewhere, but I can't find it nomatter how I search. I need to create a site collection using the "Publishing Site with Workflow" template. Unfortunately, that template is not available as an option. The SharePoint installation is an Enterprise license and all enterprise features are enabled. Any idea what I'm missing?

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I suppose you are searching the "Publishing Site with Workflow" for creating a Site Collection.But there are two types of templates one that is marked with SubWebOnly=TRUE and others that are marked as RootSiteOnly="True" as the name say it will be visible at that particular level. Being said that "Publishing Site with Workflow" is marked with SubWebOnly=TRUE so it will be visible when you create a Sub Web not the site collection.

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Thanks, that was it! –  adaptive Sep 22 '09 at 21:53

You probably only require a normal publishing portal site collection.

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